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Blaugust 2022 Day 1: Allow Me to Introduce Myself

Hello. I am everwake and this is my blog. It's the "formal" relaunch of my site and the first day of Blaugust so I felt it necessary to introduce myself.

While the first game I remember playing was Paperboy on the NES, my gaming career started in Christmas 1994 when I received a Super Nintendo with Super Mario All-Stars and Super Mario World. I played through a string of consoles (SNES > PS1 > Dreamcast > PS2) before finding my first proper obsession, World of Warcraft. It was from WoW that I was introduced into the MMO blogsphere. However, I didn't start my first blog until Blaugust 2019. At the time it was meant to be an MMO blog as well, but World of Warcraft's waning quality and lack of interest in other titles meant a pivot to anything and everything. Like many blogs in this neck of the woods, everwake.net has mostly pivoted to being a journal. Mostly I talk about my adventures in both the digital and the real world. Ocasionally, I rant about something innocuous. Those are usually the better posts.

Recently, I relaunched my blog using my own built from scratch website. Blogger was a fine enough platform but I've always wanted to run my own site. It took a while to figure out, but we finally got there.

Being new and relatively untested, there is a chance for some bugs popping up here and there. Sorry about that. I'm learning and often documentation for any of the myriad of technologies that go into modern web development can be quite scattershot. If you notice something wrong, please let me know in the Blaugust Discord or by email at [email protected] I would genuinely appreciate it.

I'll eventually add this to the About Me page, but if anyone ever wants to add my gamertags, they can be found below:

Email [email protected]
Discord everwake#0311
Twitter @_everwake_
Steam Everwake
Xbox everwake#3338
Nintendo Friend Code SW-0815-2733-9404
PlayStation everwakePS
Origin _everwake_origin
Ubisoft everwake_
GOG everwake_gog
Epic Fleurry
Battle.Net everwake#11658
Twitch everwake_

Good luck to the other participants in Blaugust 2022.