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everwake.net 0.1

Blogger is a serviceable platform but it was never the right choice for me.

There's the asethetic reasons. Despite increased customizablity they're are limits to what Blogger can do. And what customization options that have been added are for creating more robust and complicated web pages. As you can tell from the site you are looking at now, I was more interested in moving to a simpler look. Once could argue I went for the "simplest" look.

There's the technical side of things. I hated that I couldn't reliably use footnotes in Blogger. The "improved" formatting toolbar doesn't include them. Manually adjusting the HTML would often not save if I made any other formatting changes afterwards. You can't have non-blog pages on a Blogger site which would be useful for pages that would be useful to readers but wouldn't necessarily make sense in someone's RSS feed. You also can't create two separate RSS feeds: one for general readership and a catch all feed which includes more personal posts that are really only of interest to family and personal friends.

And at the end of the day I just really wanted to learn how to do this stuff on my own. The last time I tinkered with web content in a meanigful was in the late 90s when CSS1 was just called CSS and JavaScript existed but I had never heard of it. The future was in Java applets after all.

everwake.net will grow as my technical skills improve. But not too much. There is a growing subtrend through some blogging communities of scaling back the technology and complexity behind personal sites. I like Nicolas Magand's take on 'The Jolly Teapot': Start with the simplest working website and add features or design only when it makes sense for the focus of the site.

I'll continue to experiment behind the scenes for fun. But I'll continue to be cautious on actually pushing features live. My blog should be about expressing my mind and the technology should support that while providing as little friction as possible. Bare minimum hosting through Digital Ocean, a GitHub repository, and a handful of text files will suffice for now1.

So the site is definetely less useable than it was before. There are no comments or tag system. The archives are still stuck back on the Blogger site. The RSS feed only includes titles and not a summary or the post itself. Sorry about that.

On the other hand readability may be increased. And I'm much more motived now to actually post again. Giving you something to read. So that's something.

So this is everwake.net 0.1. I guess we can call this is a beta, Preview Build, or Early Access. It's a minimally viable product on purpose.

Please mind the mess.

1. Admittedly those text files are being edited in Sublime Text.