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Festiva de Everwake

I am now 34 years old. This is mildly terrifying as I am as close to the age of 50 as I am 18.


The Presents

If we put aside the wallowing in my own mortality we can focus on the best part of birthday celebrations. The presents.

We had a good haul this year.

The Books

I've been on a Tolkien kick this year started by my sister's Christmas present of several handsome volumes of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Sister Everwake and Mama Everwake dipped into that well again by grabbing some of Tolkien's deep catalog. I now have the entirety of the History of Middle Earth series and am quickly closing in on much of his published work period. Bookshelf space is becoming a rapid problem.

I've been toying with the idea of blogging a read along The Hobbit.

The Seaman

Despite my love of both gimmicky video game peripherals and the Sega Dreamcast, I have never owned the game Seaman. Like an adult version of "Hey You, Pikachu", Seaman is a game about controlling pet fish with a microphone attached to your controller. Except those fish both have human faces and are voiced by Leonard Nimoy. While the game is probably a bit underwhelming, what I'm really after is the Dreamcast microphone that came with it. So my brother bought me the more inexpensive Japanese version of Seaman. There is however one problem, the box is so mint I feel bad about opening it. Not bad enough to to keep it mint, but more impressed with how anal Japanese collectors are about the condition of their collections. It also came with a bit of origami taped to the box which is surprisingly standard on things I've gotten from Japan.

The Sun Glasses

This one is from my mom. Not only making me look cooler, but coming in very handy for...

The SeamanRiverman

...my wife's present of kayaking on the Mississippi River.

Kayaking the Mississippi River

We stayed overnight at an improbably nice motel in Grand Rapids (Minnesota). I've never been kayaking before but it was a tremendous amount of fun. It's also surprisingly non-strenuous and we made good time. We made it nine miles this trip. Mrs. Everwake also gifted me some waterproof clothes and two wet-bags so we'll have to go back at some point for a longer trip.

Mrs. Everwake Kayaking the Mississippi River

Kayaking the Mississippi River